Actionable Insights

Unlike many consulting firms, we don’t want to build dashboards for you, we want to build them with you. We work to combine our experience and a curated approach to learning with project artifacts from thousands of successful projects together with your team and its know how. Our proven  process shortens your time to insight. Read on for more details.

Why others choose to work with us

We help organizations use data to help their key players make better, more informed decisions. Simply put, Visual Risk IQ helps you see, analyze and act on your data.


Visual reporting is all about seeing your data in new and different ways.


We teach you repeatable techniques to help answer critical business questions and to help solve your problems.


Interesting data should not be the goal; rather meaningful data should inform and lead to making better decisions.

projects that pay for themselves

Actionable insights for Accounts Payable

Together with the Internal Audit and Finance teams for a large regional hospital, we reviewed over $1 billion in spending data. We checked for Conflicts of Interest and compliance with preferred vendor contracts, and helped identify and recover over $1 million dollars in duplicate payments. These efforts also saved hundreds of hours of effort and helped create sustainable improvements in internal controls.

Contact us for a web meeting for a quick look at the redacted data and how these analytics helped improve the bottom line and build in-house, data analytics capabilities. 

Supercharge your Audit Department

Year-round learning and on-the-job coaching and doing

One of the country’s largest Higher Education audit teams has engaged Visual Risk IQ to provide year-round training on data analytics planning, fieldwork, execution, and reporting. This low-cost engagement is producing measurable results in auditor productivity and in the value of recommendations provided to campus leadership teams and also the system office stakeholders.     

Show me the customers!

Charting a course toward sales growth

The leadership team at Live Chair, a mission-focused startup had a vision of eliminating health disparities and improving outcomes by placing blood pressure machines and other medical screening equipment in non-traditional locations. 

By showing health care providers and insurance companies the proximity of local barber shops to nearby hospitals and clinics that served the communities, Live Chair has been able to establish partnerships that create multiple-way wins for the startup, healthcare payers and providers, and the community. 

What hidden value can be unlocked with a small investment in data analytics and data visualization for your organization? 

We feel much better about the quality and depth of our testing, and love that we were able to repeat the data analysis in the current semester without additional help.” - Chief Audit Officer
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