Data Analytics Maturity Survey for Internal Audit and Compliance professionals – How are we doing?

It’s common enough these days to use analytics tools during internal audit fieldwork and/or compliance monitoring so that you’re analyzing all data in a population instead of just a sample. What are some more innovative techniques that you can experiment with to improve which areas you should review with. Should data analytics play a role in risk assessment? What are ways to recruit a data analytics champion for your organization? If you’re that person, how can you sharpen your own skills?

In consultation with numerous Chief Audit Executives and data analytics champions in both intermediate and more advanced roles, Visual Risk IQ developed this simple, 10-question survey to help internal audit departments and compliance teams of all sizes compare their maturity, so that we can all chart an journey to improve our use of data analytics. As a “thank you” for completing the assessment, we are providing an hour of no-cost coaching to help you compare your answers to your peers, and to provide some organization-specific action steps based on your particular maturity assessment.

Go to for more information, and email to set your no-cost consultation to review your survey results with one of our experts.

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