Internal Audit and Compliance Professionals – here’s a free resource for learning about Tableau and Visual Reporting

Together with Tableau Software and two of our clients, Visual Risk IQ will be leading a three-part Webinar series that provides some excellent examples and also important “how to” advice on building your team’s skills in using data analytics and visual reporting. To register, please see:

The first session is Tuesday May 2, and features Chief Audit Officer Stacie Tronto from East Carolina University. She’ll be showing how we helped her internal audit team get up the learning curve with data analytics to review grade distribution of student-athletes. In addition to gaining new insights about course clustering and academic integrity, her team has already used many of the same techniques for outstanding results in analyzing Procurement Cards.

The second session is Tuesday May 9, and features Compliance Executive Ross Gloudeman from the Financial Services industry. He’ll be showing some terrific dashboard examples of how we helped his team get up the learning curve and impress the Compliance Committee of his Board of Directors. Takeaways will include specific examples for data validation and data quality, in addition to specific “how-to” advice for audit and compliance professionals.

Finally, on May 25 my co-founder Kim Jones and I will be reviewing our QuickStart methodology and providing additional examples of how we’ve helped audit and compliance teams get up the learning curve with data analytics and visual reporting software. While these techniques will again feature examples of Tableau Software for audit and compliance, the methodology draws on our 10+ years at Visual Risk IQ working with a variety of audit tools to help people see and understand their data.

We hope you can join us. To register, please see:

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